by Manisha Dutta



by Manisha Dutta


by Manisha Dutta


To understand sound therapy you first need to understand frequencies! If you have spent enough time with me; you must have surely heard me say this atleast more than once - we are all vibrating at our own frequency. 

What does frequency even mean?
Lets try and simplify this as much as we can. Frequencies are like wave forms that make up sound - so think of it as you would see the motion of a wave in the ocean. The constant repetition of the waves is what will create a specific sound.

The distance between each wave is what determines, the kind of sound it creates. For example; if the waves are happening slowly then they will be defined as low frequencies and the sound created is low like bass and subs in music. However if the waves are repeating too quickly, they will be considered as high frequencies and the sound they create will be like the treble that you hear in music. Frequency can be measured as the number of peaks of wave forms happening every second. So one Hertz (Hz) is basically one wave per second.

So why should we care about frequencies? As mentioned earlier we are all vibrating at our own frequency - what this means is that each one of us has our own vibration. If we are happy about something we are radiating happiness. If we are sad about something we are radiating sadness. With every emotion that we have - we are choosing our vibration in that given moment.

Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta are all different frequencies which can; rather they are co-relating to the different states of mind, that we as humans experience. In every state of mind - whatever that may be - our brain is functioning at a different frequency.

So the frequency at which you vibrate - is the frequency that you project outwards - therefore becomes the frequency that you attract back towards yourself - from your surroundings and the universe!

Call it the law of the universe or the law of attraction; but this is a science that is now being proven - everything in this universe vibrates and at different frequencies, and when the frequency is discordant (not in harmony) it results in all kind of mental, emotional and physical issues.

Frequencies or sound has been used for centuries as a method to heal various ailments and conditions.

- The aboriginal people of Australia used a wind instruments called the "didgeridoo" to heal broken bones, muscle tears and all other kind of ailments.

- The Vedic culture has been using Bija mantras - or seed sounds to balance the different energy centres (chakra's) in the body.

- The Chinese have used sound to stimulate different organs in the body in the study of Chinese medicine or Qi Gong.

- The Shamans use drums and rattles to create a rhythimic beat that is in tune with the vibrational frequency of the earth to take people on journeys and connect them back to the source.

- The Tibetans are using sound through Gongs and sound bowls or Tibetan Sound Bowls in their healing practice and Tingha's in their prayers. Tingsha's are also used in Kirtan's in Hinduism.

- Tuning forks are used across the meridians in the body - same as we do with needles in Acupuncture to release any kind of blockages in energy and treat ailments. One can also use tuning forks to balance the energy centres (Charka's) in the body. This is the only sound instrument one may see in a medical doctor's office.

- And then ofcourse we have the more fun versions of introducing sound therapy in our life through singing, kirtan and chanting mantras.

A simple exercise you can do right now is to close your eyes and chant the word OM! The first sound of the universe, OM has a frequency of 432Hz which is the vibrational frequency of everything in the universe. This scientific finding is the justification of the saying 'in harmony with the being'. When you chant OM; you are in allowance to connect with everything that is.
Scientific experiments have proven that just a mere 5- 10 minutes of chanting OM every day can tremendously help improve focus and concentration, reduce stress and anxiety and bring more calmness in your daily life.



As you can see in the pictures above, I use a beautiful and harmonious set of hand hammered and custom picked Tibetan sound bowls. While crystal sound bowls sound absolutely divine and work better with the etheric body; Tibetan or metal bowls are more beneficial in working with the physical body. Even if you are someone who does not sense energies easily; there is no way you can miss the vibrational effect of these Tibetan Bowls.


On the simplest level you will have an amazing 60 minute therapy for relaxation. On a deeper level you can expect:

- Stress relief
- Better sleep
- Better focus and concentration
- Reduce anxiety
- Help with pain management
- Emotional healing 
- Overall wellbeing

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