Human Design Holistic Healings By Manisha Dutta

by Manisha Dutta


Hello Human Design

There is magic in the words Human Design ...

What if someone told you even humans came on earth with an instruction manual? What if someone told you there are specific ways in which you were meant to eat, sleep, make decisions, manifest and work? And this is unique for each one of you. You just weren’t told about it. Until Now!

How amazing would it be to have the instruction manual to the way you are meant to live your life?

I found Human Design through TikTok videos last year and after several discussions with my friends I decided I must study this! Every day as I learn a little bit more about my own design – life just makes sense. WHO I AM, makes a lot of sense! And WHY I AM the way I AM, makes more sense! Does that make sense to you? 🙂

With your time, date, and place of birth you can get your own Human Design chart or Body graph that can give you all the information you need! Human Design is a combination of multiple different systems such as Astronomy, Astrology, I-Ching, The Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, and the Chakra’s.

Human design is NOT a religion or a cult! It is a system that gives you so much information about you that allows you to know more about yourself and live your unique print in life.

As with any new information or guidance that you may get in life – take what resonates and leave the rest for a later time. When you are ready, it will click.

The Human Design System was found and delivered by Ra Uru Hu in a very interesting way. You can hear his story here. He calls Human Design as the science of differentiation – that each one of us has a unique print the minute we are born.

The moment you understand how the game works;
you find your power.

Ra Uru Hu

So what can Human Design give you?

  • Discover your unique design and how you are meant to live your life
  • Find out about your unique gifts with which you can help people
  • Bring in more peace, love and joy into your life
  • Know how to love yourself and take better care of your mental and physical well being
  • Understand your sleep and rest patterns
  • Know how you should make decisions to get the best results
  • Helps you raise your awareness
  • Lead a conscious life. Be a co-creator instead of watching life happen to you.
  • Heal yourself from burnouts and living with chronic fatigue
  • Find out your strengths
  • Find out where you are most likely to be conditioned out of your unique design and how to reverse that
  • Raise your confidence and self worth
  • Live a life full of authentic joy
  • If you have kids, then learn about their design. Understand what makes them unique and give them all the benefits listed above as well. Raise them in a conscious way; and add another super mom / dad skill to your parenting method.

Ra suggests that you are meant to experiment with your design. The mind was good to make decisions long before but the mind is now only good for thinking. To make decisions; one must follow their strategy and authority in life.

Just bringing in these 2 aspects of Human Design into my life have brought in so much ease and clarity. it has removed the burden of decision making and over analysing every situation.

Live your life in alignment with who you truly were meant to be. Life is not meant to happen to us. We are co-creators. understand your unique print and create the beautiful life you want. Bring more ease and joy into your life - that you truly deserve.

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