by Manisha Dutta



Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.
Carl Jung

All of these emotions (and maybe more) are what I have experienced myself in different phases of my life - when I was working full time in a corporate job, when I had my first child and then my second child and and and…

Life goes on and every new experience can bring with it certain challenges. But life is also a beautiful journey, and we don’t have to live it miserably every waking day - only to wake up too late or never waking up at all. We have the ability to make a conscious choice of how we want to live our life!

Life has gotten so busy that we no longer have the time to be with ourselves anymore. Lunch time has become a working lunch, family time is cramped between school-work and personal errands; we are always in flight and fight mode.

“Doing” is normal and “Being” is considered a waste of time!

If you are feeling stressed out, burnt out, drained and stuck in the same patterns over and over again – let me break it you honey; THAT is not normal.

- Feeling like you are a step away from bursting with emotions that you don’t know how to control any more, is not normal.
- Waking up each morning feeling fatigued and exhausted is not normal.
- Feeling blocked and weighed down as if you have bricks tied to your feet is not normal.
- Not being able to express yourself creatively, emotionally or sexually is not normal.
- When you can’t focus on a conversation for more than 5 seconds - that is not normal.
- If you find yourself always feeling like a victim and the entire world is out to sabotage you - that is not normal.
- Finding yourself addicted to staying busy and substances is not normal.

How many of the above statements did you identify yourself with?

If the answer is one or many then it is no coincidence that you found this page today.


After several years of questioning everything and learning so much with so many different teachers across this planet and beyond; I have created my own Holistic Coaching Program that can help you in bringing in more ease into your life.

Reach out if you identified with even one of the statements you read at the beginning of this page or keep reading to see the various programs I have created for you.

Health Coaching with Manisha Dutta

Health Coaching

If you are suffering at a physical level; you have been long ignoring your emotions and now your body is screaming at you. Reach out if these situations seem familiar.
- Dealing with chronic fatigue
- Body is always aching, and you are not sure why
- Have recently been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease or a serious health condition
- Keep having injuries in the same area of your body
- Have unexplained symptoms for which doctors can’t find answers

Business Coaching with Manisha Dutta

Business Coaching

Being your own boss might be the best thing you do for yourself.
Would like to start a business of your own but don’t know what it should be
- You have a couple of business ideas and would like to know which will be most rewarding
- Your business launch was successful, but you are now losing interest
- The business partnership is failing and you need help to revive it or end it
- What is your energy type? What kind of a businessman/ woman are you?
- How should act in your business to attract the best opportunities

Relationship Coaching with Manisha Dutta

Relationship Coaching

Having a strong relation and a tribe is essential for us humans. Reach out if these situations seem familiar.
- Finding it difficult to cope and move on from a breakup

- Always in disagreements with your partner

- Constantly made to feel it is your fault by your partner

- Find yourself stuck in repeating patterns in relations

- Always irritable and can’t stand your partner anymore

- Considering leaving a long-term relation and confused about it

Spiritual Coaching with Manisha Dutta

Spiritual Coaching

This is for everyone, but I’ll tell you why you need it anyways.
- If you have been questioning your religious beliefs and cant resonate with them anymore
- You have always wanted to meditate but don’t know how
- Chakras, metaphysics, energy work (and all this stuff) is very interesting and you don’t know where to start
- You are looking for divine guidance
- Synchronicities are happening more often
- You keep seeing repeating numbers 11:11, 222 or 555 all the time
- You feel like there is more to this earthly plane and you need to know what that is

Wealth and Abundance Coaching with Manisha Dutta

Wealth & Abundance Coaching

The favorite subject! Reach out of you would love to.
- Know how to manifest all your desires
- Learn about your relationship with wealth
- Remove any energetic blocks that you may have with wealth
- Learn how to tap into the vibration of wealth
- Be more abundant in every aspect of life
- Identify and remove karmic and ancestral blockages with wealth

Choose the pace at which you want to work

I can help you in these areas in 2 ways. You decide which calls out to you and works best with your schedule. My Holistic Coaching method is a combination of working on your mind, body and soul. We work on your mindset, signs we can see in the physical body and dive into your soul purpose and what lights it! We integrate all three so you can operate as a whole; because your reality today is a combination of them all.

1 Month Intense

Weekly Online Coaching Sessions x 5 
WhatsApp support between sessions

AED 4000

3 Month Journey

Bi-Weekly Online Coaching Sessions x 6 
WhatsApp support between sessions

AED 5000

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