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At my Access Bars ® training, I was given a beautiful analogy by the facilitator. She said the minute a child is born, the child "knows" things. In a water birth, a new born child knows how to swim and breath and come to surface. A new born child knows how to start feeding itself. We don't need to teach the child these things.

But as this child / we, start growing up, we learn new things; and with this learning comes a lot of conditioning that is passed down from our parents/ previous generations/ society and all of this is based on their views/ perceptions/ opinions/ judgements/ beliefs - the sum of all of their conditioning that was passed down to them from their parents/ previous generations/ society based on their views/ perceptions/ judgements/ beliefs ..... can you see the pattern here? 

As we grow up, we are constantly collecting all of this information [in the form of opinions (right/ wrong) and judgements (good/ bad)] and keep storing them - regardless of the fact if it they truly serve us or just move into becoming limiting beliefs. We are constantly in judgement mode - for others and even ourselves. What we should rather be doing is receiving the true gifts that surround us. A simple tool of Access Bars® is to make our decisions based on our knowing rather than basing them on these judgements of good and bad. Our knowing or our consciousness already knows the answers to everything. You may have already used this in the past unknowingly - it's also known as your gut feeling or intuition. That feeling when you just KNOW the truth that is the best for you.

So what is Access Bars ® and how does it help you?

Think of yourself as a laptop that has so many files and folders; DATA that we think is so important and we just save save save and never delete! And then one day, you reboot the machine - and everything starts moving faster and feels brand new! Thats exactly what Access Bars ® can do for you. Having your bars run removes all the junk from your mind that does not belong there. The ones that stop you from truly receiving. Receiving that can truly change your life.

The bars are 32 energy points on our head that relate to different aspects of our life such as relations, money, health, age, etc. and just by touching these points, one can achieve clearance of any judgements, prejudices, opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc - of the kind that do not allow us to receive anymore - that we hold in our mind forever and beyond!

"98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you experience aren’t even yours"
- Dr. Dain Heer, Co-Founder of Access Consciousness ®

What all can Access Bars ® help with?

Access Bars ® has benefited people across the world with:

- Stress reduction
- Clearing mind chatter
- Receive a lot more and do a little less
- Sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic
- Ease symptoms of ADD & ADHD
- To help ease anxiety in kids before and major tests and exams
- Helps pregnant women conceive and give birth with ease
- Deep relaxation
- Dissipate mental, emotional, physical and energy blockages that might be keeping someone stuck with living in the past
- To help bring in change
- Change mindsets to believe that new opportunities are possible
- And so much more...

Check this video to see what the skeptic Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffry L. Fannin found when he ran some experiments to see what actually goes on in the human brain when the bars are run. It's beautilful to watch when the metaphysical connects with science! 🙂

All you need is an open mind and the will to change your reality. To let go, of everything that does not serve you and be in allowance for all the new gifts the universe wants to send to you.

However, every person has a different experience and as the statement for having your bars run goes -

"At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease."

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