by Manisha Dutta


I love hearing about all the new age philosophies and holistic healings that are cropping up every day; Think positive. Be in the now. The law of attraction. Be the creator of your life. Manifest abundance. The 55x5 day challenge. The list is never ending… But how do you practice all of these? Should we just bury all the negative emotions and feelings we have? Should we just erase all the past painful memories, or should we address them? How do we make this work?

Rewind back to the year 2013… my quest for studying the metaphysics had just begun through a course in Feng Shui and this moved into many more modalities. However, it was only when I started practicing yoga in 2015 that I started noticing a shift.

I think it was the start of an awakening; although I had no idea thats what one could call it - but all started in 2015 when I had my second child and by then I was pretty fried. I left my corporate job and took over the kids. While we thought this would be the solution; suddenly I was now a full-time home maker, which is not very easy to do after working and fending for yourself for 11 years! In addition, I was dealing with post-partum recovery, the confusion on “am I giving enough attention to my 2 year old daughter?”, while helping this infant in getting accustomed to the world… it’s been the hardest job ever; because you get no formal training for it! I was burning out.

So thats how yoga saved me! My husband being my pillar and support (through everything) came along with me to ensure I signed up for those yoga classes. To date I thank him for that.

I realized that a mum needs to get out of the house (at least once in a while) so she can be a better mum. While one would think that all mums would want / understand/ relate to this truth; not all were very supportive when I would leave the home for 2 hours x 3 times a week! For that I am so thankful to my sister who would motivate me with words that cannot be put up on this platform today! : )

It may be hard to believe but Yoga is not about hanging like a monkey off the ceiling of your home. It’s about taming the monkey that sits in your mind. Anyone can build some muscle and walk on their arms; but try doing that without being able to calm your mind, focusing your attention and overcoming the fear of falling over. Or try sitting in silence with yourself for 30 minutes a day without getting restless or looking at the clock every few minutes. That is called mastering the mind - and the essence of Yoga.

But not many will talk about that. Because mind mastery doesn't sell enough. For meditation all one needs is their body and a place to sit in. To master the asana’s, you need mats, clothes, blocks, ropes, etc. etc.

It was through my amazing teacher at these yoga classes that I learnt on how to take what I learnt on the mat and practice it off the mat. I jumped into seeker mode! I grabbed everything I found; from yoga classes to breath work, yoga retreat, Access Bars®, studying the Chakra's, Crystal healing, connecting with Angels and most important of all connecting with my own higher consciousness. A lot of books and online research have also played a big part in this journey.

I better understood the power of the mind, the purpose of meditation, the importance of breath work, how chakra’s work and why it’s so important to take care of the energy within and around us. All these modalities added on beautifully with my practice of Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and I-Ching that I studied in the past. I started connecting the dots and similarities across modalities and started helping myself and others around me in taming this monkey mind and connecting with myself.

"True healing will always begin with your thoughts. Master your thoughts and master your life."
- April Peerless

So can we all benefit from these beautiful new age philosophies? Do they really work? Is it important?

Yes! I think so.

Is it simple? Is it magic? Can we master them overnight?

No! (And I would love to meet anyone who mastered this overnight).

Easier said than done! We have heard this many a times over and over in our life. But if each of us can take just 10 minutes of our day to meditate, or just 10 minutes of breath work, or just 10 minutes of saying affirmations, or just 10 minutes of simple yoga stretches, or just doing anything at all that helps you in connecting with yourself - DO IT! Any activity that helps you in bringing awareness to your current state of mind will bring immense changes in your daily life.  

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life."

Eckhart Tolle

Some of us may be gifted and can manage the stresses of our modern life with ease. For the rest of us, we have to go through our journeys of learning, healing and repeat. I hope you are amongst the gifted and your journey is easier and less dramatic than mine. But if it isn’t and you think you could benefit from the modalities I can offer (as did my yoga teacher for me), then send me a message and let’s talk about the ways in which I can help you in elevating your consciousness a step higher today. A step closer to introducing yourself to the real you. Welcome to Holistic Healings by Manisha!

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