Emotional Vulnerability

Emotional Vulnerability

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What is it about showing emotion that makes us feel so vulnerable? Let’s talk about Emotional Vulnerability!

As I arrived in lisbon and while waiting in the immigration line for more than 2 hours; all I could think about is how disconnected we are as human beings. Everyone looks at each other but not a smile to pass. Every time I tried smiling at someone – 9/10 I got weird eyes with a frowning forehead back in my face as though to say “who does that woman?! It’s so last season!”

It took all of 20 minutes before which a boy in his mid 20s probably smiled and gently nodded his head as though to say “I acknowledge you another human”.

The era of social media disconnected us a while ago. Looking down into my phone, typing this blog as I walk the immigration queue almost like a robot – programmed to take the next step and the next step and the next step.

The era of the face masks desensitized us even more. Even lesser human interaction. Only speaking through our eyes and zero obligation to be kind or courteous enough to even return a smile from a stranger. 

Mental note to self – teach my kids to smile at every human they see. Let us lead by example. May we have the heart to keep smiling everyday, even in the faces of blank stares and faces that turn away. Let us show some emotional vulnerability!

As we are nearing the end of this masked society phase, let us hope and pray we emerge (at-least) with lesser laugh lines on our face!

Much Love,
Manisha Dutta

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