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2022 – The Year of the Water Tiger

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Happy Chinese New Year! 2022 – The Year of the Water Tiger. Which means the year is symbolized by 2 Chinese characters that sit vertically – Yang Water sits on top known as the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch Tiger which has the energy of the element Wood sits below.

In the Five Element cycle as Water gives birth to the element Wood, the elements of the year are in harmony – which means we can expect this year to be more peaceful and calmer. A much-needed break from the stresses we have been facing for the last 2 years, I think!

So as the new year kicks in, the Flying Stars also change their position and will sit in a new direction or sector in your home and office. While the natal chart or the base energy of your space never changes (unless it goes through some major renovations) the incoming energy of the year will interact with the base energies.

What are Flying Stars?

In Flying Star Feng Shui, we have 9 stars; each star has an element, number, color, organ, frequency, emotion, affect, etc and these stars are constantly moving. When we move into a new year, it is a shift in energy. As we are all made up of energy – we are affected by it.

In the Age of 8 (year 2004 – 2023), Flying Stars 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 are unfavorable stars that must be cured. The stars 2 (denotes sickness) and 5 (denotes misfortune) are the most troublesome of the lot. 1, 8 and 9 are favorable stars and we can enhance them to bring in better opportunities and abundance to the occupants of the space.

Where are the Flying Stars positioned In 2022 – the year of the Water Tiger?

Flying Star Placement in 2022 –

In 2022 – the year of the Water Tiger:

  • Sickness star 2 resides in the South West. Place 6 metal coins tied in a yellow thread or a metal Wu Lou in this area.
  • Misfortune star 5 resides in the Centre. Place a 6 Rod Full Metal wind chime or salt water cure in this area.
  • Conflict star 3 resides in East. Use red colors or the auspicious Lai See in this area.
  • Legal trouble star 6 resides in the North West.
  • Scandal star 7 resides in the West. For both flying stars 6 and 7 place 3 bamboos in a clear glass vase with plain water.
  • Distant prosperity and Academic luck star 1 resides in the North and can be enhanced by using metal, a water feature and black or metallic colors.
  • Current prosperity star 8 moves to the North East. Enhance this by using red colors, red candles, earthen pottery, salt lamps and real green plants.
  • Future prosperity star 9 resides in the South. Enhance this star by using red or green colors and triangle shape lamps.

Do you need new cures every year?

Some people like to throw out all the cures from the last year. However, if you wish to re-use your cures from the last year again – this is perfectly okay too. But I do recommend giving them a good cleaning before you change their location for 2022.

  • Remove all cures (including bamboo’s, wu lou’s, etc.) from their current positions.
  • Throw away any salt water cures straight into the bin as they are full of negative energies. This is one item we would suggest to re-make and not re-use (including the coins). Throw away any water from plants through the toilet sinks.
  • Wash all the cures under running water. Items that can be washed with soap like vases can get the extra cleanse.
  • If you feel some items might be ruined with water then skip the second part.
  • Once washed; dry and keep all the cures out in the sun for 30 – 60 minutes to energise them.
  • Place them in the new locations for 2022 with the intention of curing or enhancing that specific sector with its elemental energy.

As a disclaimer I would like to add that:

  • Trust your intuition when you want to experiment and after you try something new. If it feels right it probably is; if it doesn’t feel right or make you feel happy; its probably not! Classical Feng Shui is all about making you feel comfortable.
  • A positive intention is very necessary while placing your cures. While placing your cures always have a clear mind and thank the cures for balancing the energy in your space.
  • While placement of cures for the new year can be placed based on the above guidance; it is very important to see how the incoming energy interacts with the natal or base energy of your home or office. Sometimes the cures may need to be adjusted or certain areas should not be activated as they can trigger the base cures. If you are not a 100% sure then getting a full Feng Shui Consultation for your space might be a good investment. Reach me for a free 30-minute discovery call to see how a Feng Shui Consultation can benefit you.

Wishing you abundance in every way in the new year.

Love & light,
Manisha Dutta

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  1. Thank you for explaining it so well. Do you also offer on-site Feng Shui Consultations? I am based in London. 🙂

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