Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde. Yay or Nay?

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This poor Mercury Retrograde has been given quite a bad reputation in the recent past. Just because Mercury is retrograding – which simply means that the planet is now looking in the opposite direction of where it should be – does not mean our lives must come to a standstill. ⁣A Mercury retrograde will not affect every person in the same way or with the same intensity either.⁣

In astrology, the planet Mercury rules communication, intelligence, memory, self-expression, technology, and transportation.⁣ So depending on where mercury lies in your birth chart, a great deal about how you communicate, perceive, and relate to the world around you can be revealed.⁣

Mercury retrogrades about 3-4 times a year, so we can’t all go hide under a rock when it does. ⁣So what should you expect? Retrogrades may bring up issues from your subconscious; so it’s the perfect time to Review, Renew, Reassess, Reflect, and Realign. ⁣

How can you survive this?

– Be mindful of what you say; as communication is the easiest to go wrong. Use your inner voice.

– Self-reflection is helpful; think of what you say and if you must really say it out loud.

– Remember – sticky conversations may be challenging but they usually have a purpose and bring about breakthroughs that can lead to more authentic relationships. ⁣

– Meditate! It will bring you back in the present moment and give you perspective if you’re truly feeling the way you do or is this a past issue re-surfacing.

– Use the amazing Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set we created at Natural Healing Home.

Underlying issues, feelings, and emotions that we otherwise may easily bury in our subconscious can come to the surface. In my opinion, I actually believe that it is an amazing time for an emotional detox from your subconscious.

Let the shit come to the surface and be brave enough to work through it. In hindsight, you will always be grateful that you did the work!
Don’t get trapped in the victim mode and sulk! If life is giving you lemons – make a lemonade!

So, it’s not all bad folks! Stay positive. Stay mindful. And don’t forget to breathe!

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  1. Love this Manisha! I can totally relate with the communication and technology part ✨

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