The Covid-19 Rescue Sheet

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So, we are in the middle of a pandemic and it’s definitely becoming a challenge for all to keep calm when everyone around you is using sanitizers like water and the local grocery stores are being wiped clean in fear of a potential lockdown. What have you done to us Covid-19!!

I admit, when it all started, I was amongst the ones who said “Oh, it’s just the big flu!”, but it’s clearly bigger than that. Covid-19 has taken over the news, dinner party conversations (until we went into social distancing in Dubai), Social Media Apps, News Channels and Radio Stations. I even hear my 7-year-old consoling my 5-year-old that we can’t go to school because the Corona Virus is on!

However, creating panic amongst your social media groups and news feeds is not going to solve the situation. Talking about all the negative that’s going on is not going to resolve the situation. I do have access to my own news channel you know… but who can stop negative Nancy from sending articles about every morbid change that this virus is bringing into our life?

We need to step up and focus on what we want rather than focusing on what we don’t want!
If you don’t want Corona Virus, then talk about good health!
Remember – Energy grows where your energy goes! – Lisa Nichols.

Below are a couple of things I have been doing to keep me sane and smiling. I am NOT a doctor, and this is not medical advice. Just some plain old basic information that we all know and might forget to practice in such times.

Meditate. This is my all-time favorite grounding meditation that I pass on to all my clients. It really helps me in centering myself and bringing me back to balance.

Exercise. We have been encouraging the kids to bring out the yoga mats. Yoga is an amazing way to ground ourselves and balance the Root Chakra that can be blocked by fear.
Include some chest opening exercises to balance the Heart Chakra. It will allow you to feel more joyous in these difficult times!
(Find some Chakra balancing techniques here).
Also, since they don’t have the same amount of physical activity these days, hubby dearest is teaching them some workout routines to keep them busy. They are motivated and challenge each other which is also getting them tired enough to sleep on time. 🙂

Mindful Eating. Cooking has never been a hobby, but I am definitely enjoying eating more home-cooked meals these past few days. Including more fruits, salads and superfoods for everyone as much as possible to keep the immunity up.

Immunity Boosters. COVID-19 is a virus. A virus cannot thrive in a healthy body. Keeping the gut healthy with probiotics. Also, remember to take your daily dose of Vitamin-C and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Choose Natural. Wash those hands – and everything else! I was watching people stock up on bleaches and other strong home cleaning products. Try and use eco-friendly products such as The Botanist or Yours Organically for your home as much as you can. Not underestimating the power of modern medical science, but Mother Nature gave us enough to deal with viruses like the Covid-19. These products are made with such natural ingredients!
Plain old soap and water are much better than those sanitizers as well. Use them when necessary and sparingly.

Water Therapy. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day. Keep a humidifier on at home if you can. Essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Citronella, Sage, Lemon, and Lemongrass are all excellent Antiviral, Antifungal, and Antibacterial Essential Oils. Get them from local businesses such as @puresaante.

Fresh Air. Social Distancing is a smart choice but try and get some fresh air for a few hours every day. Keep those windows open if you are cooped in an apartment. Or just a long drive out by the Palm Jumeirah perhaps? Even better if you can include some Sun Therapy as well.

Smudge Every Damn Day! How can we not talk about Sage? There is so much evidence now that smudging your space with Sage can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi and avoid the spread of any infections. Read more in my blog on the 7 Benefits Of Smudging With Sage.

Don’t Panic. Stressing and staying in fear will only lower the immunity – it’s not going to change the reality around you! Listen to music. Read a book. Paint. Dance. Cook. Do whatever help’s you relax and will bring you happiness. And once this is all over Book a Sound Therapy session to help you re-align yourself. 🙂

Gratitude. These are interesting times that we are going through. The whole world has been given an opportunity to reset our behaviors, habits, routines and transform into a new version of ourselves. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.
Look for the positives that this Covid-19 is bringing into your life and give gratitude for it.
Start your day with a list of 10 things you are grateful for today.
End your day by talking about the best thing that happened in your day today.
It could be something as simple as the warm cup of coffee you had at home or sleeping in late and being woken up with hugs from the kids.
Give gratitude that the world is healing by the minute.
Learn more about gratitude from this book that started it for me!
Gratitude keeps the vibe up. We need more of that.

Social Detox. Be the change you want to see in the world. If you cant stop Negative Nancy from posting morbid posts – then consider social + digital distances from such nancies!
Ignore reading every post that pops up.
If you have a WhatsApp or Facebook group – use it to promote happy vibes and fun stories or things people can learn from in this downtime.

So what is your family doing to keep sane and smiling in these times? Share the good stuff so we can all learn and thrive together.

Also, do leave a comment and let me know what you tried from this list. And share it on to those panicking and the negative Nancies in your life! 😉

Much love,
Manisha Dutta

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  1. If only everyone could think like this. Share the article. It’s definitely make a better, and more positive, read than some of the news right now. Xx

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