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Have you ever been in a situation where you were so personally involved that you thought this was it! Your opinion at the time was all that mattered; and you were determined and certain that nothing or no one could ever change it?

But then comes along an instance, when you are so passionately describing your situation and the misery or pain or just your opinion (that you so strongly feel) to another person, and then they say something that makes you stop! In that instance you just realize how amazing it is that the exact same situation was seen in a completely different light by this person. 

There is no right or wrong. But there are always multiple perspectives to the same situation. It just depends on your vantage point! 

This platform is not a new venture but an amalgamation of everything that I have been studying, learning and evolving with in the past few years of my human journey. 

This platform is an expression of what Manisha thinks and what Manisha would like to say out loud. It may not always make sense to everyone. Or it may not even be liked by everyone. But if it is my truth then that’s what it is and that’s what you will find in these blogs.

Yes they are my thoughts but I would love to hear what you think of them. Each of us is on a different journey and it’s amazing how the exact same situation can bring about extremely different perspectives from different people. 

So do share your thoughts and opinions in the comments block for the upcoming blogs. I do believe that the reason we learn is so we can share. And sometimes all it takes is a different vantage point to change many realities.

Much love,
Manisha Dutta

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