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by Manisha Dutta


by Manisha Dutta


I love hearing about all the new age philosophies and healings that are cropping up every day; Think positive. Be in the now. The law of attraction. Be the creator of your life. Manifest abundance. The 55x5 day challenge. The list is never ending… But how do you practice all of these? Should we just bury all the negative emotions and feelings we have? Should we just erase all the past painful memories, or should we address them? How do we make this work?

Rewind back to the year 2013… my quest for studying the metaphysics had just begun through a course in Feng Shui and this moved into many more modalities. However, it was only when I started practicing yoga in 2015 that I started noticing a shift.

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Manisha Dutta

If you truly want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind.



We are all made of energy. It is everywhere. Good Feng Shui can bring in new opportunities, wealth, travel, good health, harmony in relationships, peace and calm.

Bad Feng Shui can do the opposite; create havoc with our finances, health, careers, business growth and the occupants may just feel restless and un-easy in such an area. It can even break apart families by creating havoc in relationships.

Classical Feng Shui taps into the different energy areas in your space and helps in curing what is bad and enhancing the good; because we all want more of the good, don't we?

How is the Feng Shui in your home or office?

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"98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you experience aren’t even yours"

- Dr. Dain Heer, Co-Founder of Access Consciousness ®

Think of yourself as a laptop that has so many files and folders; DATA that we think is so important and we just save, save, save and never delete! And then one day, you reboot the machine - and everything starts moving faster and feels brand new!

That's exactly what The Bars® can do for you. Having your bars run removes all the junk from your mind that does not belong there. The ones that stop you from truly receiving. Receiving that can truly change your life.

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The importance of keeping our chakras balanced is often undermined. As we keep our home clean by decluttering, applying Feng Shui techniques or space cleansing; we must also clean the energy inside us. If we keep accumulating these heavy energies; over time they start manifesting into physical ailments.

Your chakra's put together form your aura. In an aura scan, the practitioner will see the areas that need improvements and working on these can strengthen your auric field. A strong auric field just means that you may not be as effected from external environments as compared to someone with a weaker auric field.

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'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' - Nikola Tesla

When we think of sound we think of frequencies! If you have spent enough time with me; you must have surely heard me say this more than once - We are all vibrating at our own frequency. What does frequency even mean?

So why should we care about frequencies? As mentioned earlier we are all vibrating at our own frequency - what this means is that each one of us has our own vibration. If we are happy about something we are radiating happiness. If we are sad about something we are radiating sadness. With every emotion that we have - we are choosing our vibration in that given moment.

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To change the frequency you've got to change the frequency!

- Manisha Dutta


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